Six estranged friends come together in memorial of a mutual friend whose recent death has raised suspicion. Tensions are high when they are forced to face the conflicts that tore them apart. After years of separation old wounds are still unhealed as they try to celebrate the life of their noble friend who once was the glue that kept them all together. As they hash out their differences they are now left with one unresolved matter, what happened to Jonathan? In the end they find out that someone within this friendship circle isn't a friend at all.

From writer Justin D Jenkins and director Garrick Wade comes the 2019 AT&T create-a-thon winning short film, "GHOSTED". Brought together to share their stories of new age tragedy, six strangers gain insight into each other's lives, while trying to move on with theirs.

After an unexpected visit to a psychic, Celeste learns that there is no medical cure or cause for her son’s terminal illness. This christian woman who does not believe anything beyond her faith, must now face the truth about her husband's last marriage and the possibility that her son is paying for the sins of his father. In the end, Celeste is faced with an ultimatum that could save him yet turn her back on her faith.

It is CFC40 Org takes The Black SuperHero Project to Flint Michigan five years after the water crisis discovery. Cre8tiveTribe Media joins them on this journey. Residents and community leaders address the ongoing water crisis and how the media and government have turned a blind eye to them. This project is led by Civil Rights Attorney and News Correspondent Charles F. Coleman.